ESL ITA Preparation Program

Cost Estimation for ESL ITA Preparation Program

Application Fee$200
Program Fee$400
Student Service Fee$300
Medical Insurance$400
Books & Supplies$250

Housing Options

Housing Application Fee$200
International Village
  • Studio: $2,576
  • Single: $2,464
  • Double: $1,344
American Family Homestay
  • Cost per week: $225
  • Cost per day: $33

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ESL ITA Preparation Program

ESL ITA Preparation Program

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Upcoming Dates


Winter 2018
January 16 - March 12, 2018

Spring 2018
April 10 - May 30, 2018

Fall 2018
October 8 - November 29


Winter 2019

Spring 2019

Fall 2019


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8 weeks

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4 Units

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Designed for international graduate students, this program helps advanced English language learners prepare for the SPEAK test and for teaching assistant positions at UCR. It includes two evening courses: one in Oral Skills Development and one in Pronunciation Improvement. As a student in these courses, you'll gain the skills and strategies needed for the SPEAK test, and meet your departmental requirements to be an international teaching assistant.

Who Can Attend

  • Current UCR graduate students who are TAs,
  • Current UCR graduate students who want to be or are planning to be TAs,
  • Other students, with approval from the English office.

What You'll Learn

  • How to apply effective test-taking strategies for the SPEAK test
  • How to develop language competencies and language functions, which are necessary for clear communication
  • How to improve segmental and suprasegmental features of American English, which are necessary for effective pronunciation
  • How to identify and improve your own speaking and pronunciation
  • How to deliver a brief speech on an academic topic to peers, with clear communication and pronunciation

What You Can Do With This Program

Students who have a Conditional Pass on the SPEAK test may serve as graduate teaching assistants on the UCR main campus by simultaneously completing the classes in this program. Students who successfully complete both classes in this program, and achieve a Clear Pass on the SPEAK test, may also serve as graduate teaching assistants in their UCR departments.


There are two classes in this program: Oral Skills Development and Pronunciation Improvement. Most students are required to take both classes in the same quarter in order to maintain, or qualify for, their teaching assistant appointment.

  • Attendance

    Students must be on time and attend all required courses. Student attendance and overall performance will be reported to the Graduate Division.

  • Textbooks

    Students should bring textbooks starting on the first day of class. Textbooks must be purchased online through a vendor like Amazon. The textbooks for each class are:

    • Oral Skills Development: Papajohn, D. (2005). Toward Speaking Excellence: the Michigan Guide to Maximizing Your Performance on the TSE and SPEAK Test. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press.
    • Pronunciation Improvement: Grant, L. (2010). Well Said: Pronunciation for Clear Communication. Heinle/ Cengage Learning.
  • Grading

    Grades in each class are Pass/No Pass, and academic performance is tracked. Students must achieve an 80% in each class in order to receive a Pass. Students must earn a Pass in both classes in order to be a TA.


You will be contacted regarding the status of your application within one week. If you have any questions, please contact the English Office at UCR Extension at 951-827-1701 or at

Application & Enrollment

To apply for this program, complete the application below at least one week before the start of classes. The application will prompt you to choose your class schedule. You will be enrolled in these classes by UCR Extension staff. Students who qualify to have the Graduate Division pay their tuition will not be required to pay for these classes. Students who do not qualify for Graduate Division tuition payment will be contacted about payment by mid-quarter. Each course is $200.

“Enrich your life and transform your future by studying in the heart of Southern California. Employers all over the world recognize the University of California as the gold standard in academics. Experience YOUR California dream at sunny UCR - your place to shine.”

Bronwyn Jenkins-Deas

Associate Dean, UCR Extension
Director, International Programs

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