For Winter and Spring quarters 2021, all instruction will remain online. Students will be unable to enter the U.S., but can continue to study with UCR University Extension from the comfort of their own home. We have temporarily suspended the issuance of I-20 forms until we are able to resume face-to-face instruction. At this time, students can apply for our professional certificate and Online University Programs for Winter and Spring 2021 quarters.  Download Informational Flyer

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Short Courses

Short Courses

Gain new skills and enhance your resume without the financial or time commitment of a full certificate or degree program. Short Courses offer a cost-effective, flexible path to the career you want, with stackable credits that can lead to a full professional certificate. Our programs are backed by the University of California, and deliver the highest level of educational quality.

Human Resources: Hiring and Managing Talent in the 21st Century

This course explains the role of human resources professionals in 21st century organizations and is designed to introduce students to the importance of hiring and retaining the best people. As organizations plan to succeed in business, other areas of importance include: effectively managing, developing, supporting, and working with employees to achieve personal and organizational goals. A focus on an organization’s mission, vision, goals, leadership, diversity and culture will also be explored. Students will become familiar with basic concepts and methods to hire people who will positively impact customer service and profitability.

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Psychology: Understanding Your Emotions and Improving Your Social Skills

This course will help you to learn to communicate effectively in order to de-escalate conflict situations, seek to understand others, and express your needs. In this class you will learn to identify emotions, and map these emotions to needs. This class will lead you in a journey to understanding the hurts, fears, and desires that contribute to your self-perspective, and will help you to overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

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Nutrition and Healthy Living

Project Management: Foundations for Success

Basics of Applied Data Science

Applied Data Science: Machine Learning

Gifted and Talented Education Structures and Supports

90 Days to Personal and Professional Success

Introduction to the Dynamic Power of the Brain

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