Teacher Training Programs

Teacher Training Programs

Join others with a passion for education, and learn how to teach English as a foreign language or how to teach other subjects using English as a Medium of Instruction. For over 35 years, our professional teaching programs have successfully provided thousands of current and prospective teachers the training they need to teach anywhere around the world.

Develop and Expand Your Teaching Opportunities

English as a Medium of Instruction Program (EMI)

The English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) program is a professional development opportunity for higher education academics who instruct and work in the medium of English, but who are not native English speakers. Participation in the EMI program allows instructors to improve their instructional quality, for an improved student classroom learning experience.


Customized Teacher Training Programs

Custom Teacher Training Programs are designed to meet the faculty and instructor professional development needs of individual institutions. Collaborate with education professionals at UCR to design teaching and learning and educational administration-focused, short term programming that can be delivered either in Riverside, California, or at your own institution anywhere in the world.


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