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International Education Programs

International Education Programs

Intensive English Program (INT)

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Program Highlights

  • 20-25 hours of classroom instruction and laboratory each week
  • Offered four times a year
  • Small classes (average 15 students)
  • Focus on Academic English (Reading/Writing, Listening/Speaking, Grammar or Choice of Elective, and Optional Language Lab)
  • Highly qualified teaching staff to help you meet your goals
  • Level 500, 600, and 700 students have the option to take one Extension course (additional fees apply)
  • Opportunities to tour Southern California and practice English

Admission Requirements

  • No language requirement. Students will be tested and placed into the appropriate level upon arrival
  • Minimum age: 15

About the Program.

The Intensive English Program (INT) offers levels from beginning to advanced (100 to 700). Instruction from many IEP teachers, gives you the opportunity to hear different English voices and learn from a variety of education experts. Our instructors are highly educated and experienced professionals with extensive teaching experience both in the US and in international environments.

Students can join the first four or six weeks of the 10-week program.

In the summer quarter the 10-week program is offered in an accelerated 8-week format. The study hours for the 8-week accelerated program are the same as the 10-week program. Students can join the full 8-weeks from the beginning of July until the end of August or study July only (4-weeks Summer A) or August only (4-weeks Summer B).  

Improve your English With Advance-Level Electives

If you are an upper-intermediate or advanced level student, you will improve your English skills by taking an elective course as part of your program. You may select from a range of specialized classes that focus on a particular interest area. Choices may include:

  • American Idioms
  • Advanced Vocabulary
  • GRE Preparation
  • Public Speaking
  • Global Business Reading and Discussion

* Electives vary from session to session.

Program Costs

Program Costs

The estimated cost for the program is based upon course tuition, fees, housing and other expenses.

Tuition Fees2015/2016
Four-week $1,950 
Six-week $2,925
10-week (eight-week Summer) $3,700
30-week $10,200
Other Costs
Application Fee (first quarter; nonrefundable) $200
Student Services Fee (each session) $100-$150
Medical Insurance (per week) $45
Books and Supplies (each session) $100-$350
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